I’m not giving up on this fight with Virgin Mobile.

2 months later update: I gave up, they stopped responding.

I’m so frustrated with Virgin Mobile support. At the same time, I’m pleasantly surprised with Apple support. I’ve never had to deal with them directly, at least that I can remember.

I emailed Virgin with more-or-less the same question as last time. I re-worded it to reflect their current stock. I want a 6s, which they have in stock, but I decided to ask about a phone they are out of, the 6+.


It’s so simple. There’s nothing complex about this question. They know that, it hasn’t been escalated to tier 2 support or whatever the next level up for Virgin support is (Dude Support, Friend Level 2? I’d believe it). In the time since the last post on this, I’ve tweeted a link to their main Twitter account and their support account and haven’t heard back. Not surprised. I would bet it’s filtered as spam, since the tweet contains a link. They got back to me via email the next day, with the following.


I thought about their reply to my email, and came back with this;


I’ll admit, I was talking out of my ass with the whole logistics, IMEI stuff. I think what I wrote makes sense, but I guess it’s possible they get a bulk list of IMEIs when they purchase from Apple and add them to a whitelist, and have the actual devices shipped to the retailers. That still means that Best Buy Mobile rep, Josh ‘Beer Pong Champ’ Dingus has to keep track of which phones are for which carrier, but it isn’t impossible. I decided to get in touch with Apple to confirm my understanding of the situation.

apple chat

Patrick rules. Dude was super friendly, personable, and professional. The opposite of my experience with Virgin. But that’s beside the point.

I now have in writing that Apple doesn’t do what Virgin claims they do. Apple doesn’t hold Virgin’s hand and say ‘okay, here’s your share of phones, they’re for you only, so be careful!’ Virgin buys the devices like everyone else, factory unlocked. If they choose to whitelist certain IMEIs and blacklist every other one, that’s their right. It doesn’t say that anywhere in their policies, but it’s a business and they need to screw us any way they can.

So now I’ll wait to hear back from Virgin. If they say the same thing again, I will almost definitely leave for a different carrier. I’m so sick of being jerked around and not given a straight answer.

When I said that I’ve been trying to get this answer for years, I was honest. I’ve been asking them this since about a month before the 5s was released. Never has Virgin told me the whole truth, and that’s not something I can stand from someone I’m giving my money to.

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