Raspbian NTP Auto-Update

I figured out the issue of our Raspbian kiosks not keeping time. It has to do with the Pi lacking any RTC, etc. So the first step was to change /etc/ntp.conf, to comment out the lines referencing the official debian servers and add a few of our DCs. This was necessary because these kiosks can’t connect to anything outside their VLAN.

yes, .local - don't judge me.
yes, .local – don’t judge me.

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The Problems with Automated Vehicles, IMHO

I’ll start by saying that I’m genuinely excited about a future where I don’t have to concern myself with driving at all. To be able to walk to my car, get in, and know that I’ll end up at my destination within a reasonable time without any thought of weather is a truly bright future.

There are, however, some caveats. I absolutely do not plan on living somewhere that I’ll need a car by the time the technology is available at a price point I can afford. Long before then, I want to be back in Chicago, or New York, or London– places with actual robust public transit options.

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