I think a fear of clowns is pretty hokey

Just yesterday, Rob Dyke uploaded a new video in his ‘Seriously Strange’ series, about unexplained events caught on camera. The first phenomena that he mentions are people who dress as clowns, and act… strangely, I guess. I admit, if I saw a masked person in the dark, I would be freaked out, but being a clown costume doesn’t make it any worse.

I’m trying to understand the fear of clowns. Clowns, specifically, because I think it’s silly. It’s something that kids used to claim to get attention, always followed by ‘I saw ‘It’ when I was young, and it scarred me for life.’

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The Office Security Camera Project

I have wanted to put a security camera in my office for a long time now. Only recently did I find that I had all of the necessary means to do so. Come along on a journey of monotony across about two or three hours of my day. That’s the thing with being a sysadmin, you’re either running around with your head chopped off or you’re on reddit for four hours and your chair smells funny when you leave at 5:00 on the dot.

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